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The VW California

The VW California Ocean is the very latest incarnation of factory-built campervans by VW. For over 60 years VW has refined the Campervan design. 

Where will you go next?

Whether at home or away, the California Ocean is the ideal travel and leisure camper van to make you feel right at home anywhere. Experience the efficient engines, high-quality interior fittings, modern infotainment and driver assistance systems as well as the innovative mobile online services. Check availability and prices here

60 years in the making

The movement that began with the Volkswagen camper van – a rolling symbol for independence and freedom – now brings you a true home on four wheels in the California Ocean. There is no better way to add to the success of a legend. And no better way to express your attitude to life.

VW California
Elevated Roof

The California Ocean offers comfort in a small space. You can set up the elevating roof of the California Ocean in just a few easy steps at your holiday destination or stopover. The expanding roof gives you extra space to move around in the passenger compartment. Setting up the elevating roof is easy in the California Ocean as it’s operated electrically. As night falls, you can transform the camper van into your own comfortable bedroom to sleep four.

VW California
Fully Fitted Kitchen

Prepare a tasty meal anywhere, any time. A kitchen on wheels: the California Ocean offers you a fully fitted kitchen with a cool box, sink and stove kitchen unit. Plus there’s a camping table and chairs which can be set up outside or stowed neatly away to save space when not being used.

All the bells and whistles

Our California Oceans are equipped with all the latest options including Adaptive Cruise Control linked to the wonderful DSG auto gearbox making driving a breeze. Adaptive headlight control, auto diming rear view mirror, auto LED lights, auto windscreen wipers means you can concentrate on getting to your destination in comfort and safely.

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60 Years in the Making